A Positive Article on Brandon Roy’s Return to the NBA

Brandon Roy recently reported that he had another setback to his arthritic knees. This is not the first setback Roy has experienced, since joining the Minnesota Timberwolves.

So why did Brandon Roy return to the NBA?

Certainly Brandon Roy has no reason to lack confidence in himself. He underwent his first knee surgery in high school. Roy’s knee and game recovered fast enough for him to seriously consider making a jump to the NBA straight from high school. While Roy’s knees and athleticism have been declining for over a decade, his skill level underwent a meteoric rise in the opposite direction. Brandon was never a player to enforce his dominance on the court from a purely physical perspective.

As Portland’s franchise player, Roy was brilliant for taking exactly what the defense gave him.

Three, swish.

Midrange, perfect.

Left handed layup, sweet.

Brandon Roy is one of the best all around shooters in the world. Many haters are caught up on Brandon Roy’s poor shooting percentage (.314) this season, but a 35 shot sample size is no where near enough to formulate proper judgement. In those same five games with Minnesota, the team went 4-1, and Roy tallied 23 assists (9 one game in 26 minutes) which is a better indicator that Roy was not off base; having the self confidence needed for a return to the court.

Did Brandon come back for the money?

Roy was amnestied in 2010 and sat out one whole year. After much thought, Roy returned from “retirement” and signed a two year deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Many have reported Roy earned one million dollars for each of the five games he has played in (and started) this NBA season. That is not true because for each dollar Roy earns as a member of the Timberwolves, fifty-cents is subtracted from the amount Portland owes that year. Roughly 500k per game still ain’t shabby. After the 2012-2013 season, Brandon Roy still has two more under his max extension granted by Portland. $16,359,805 this year, $17,799,458 next, and finally $14,399,332 in the 2014-2015 season. $18,909,805 is the pre tax total of what Portland and Minnesota combined to pay Roy this year. From Brandon Roy’s contract with Portland this season alone, he will earn more than Lebron James with the Heat. To keep the checks from Minnesota rolling in, he needs to stay with the team. It could very well be a financial decision for Roy to delay his retirement announcement until after the season. While this is okay for Roy to delay his decision to retire until after this NBA season, it may be unethical for him to stay with Minnesota next year without intention of playing.

Fans of Roy need to be supportive, of whatever decisions he makes. Brandon Roy has always been an enigma to his fans. The superstar athletes who have kept their personal lives as private as Roy are few and far between. After Roy’s last game with Portland in 2010, he did not appear publicly for more than half a year. When Brandon finally turned up in the crowd at the Rose Garden, it was not to watch his old teammates, but rather he was in town to celebrate his best friends birthday, Jamal Crawford. Of course fans that night at the Rose Garden (where his number will be raised in the rafters) gave him a standing ovation.

Truth is that no one could possibly understand the inner workings of Brandon Roy’s mind and his decision to come back. The Trailblazer’s chose to amnesty Roy abruptly, and his say held little weight when that many millions could be relieved from their salary cap. Brandon Roy was not critical of the hand that had been feeding him, and supported Portland’s verdict. Roy’s support of the club amnestying him was mistaken by most as his retirement from the game.

Professional athletes generally undergo a much slower shot to the ego than Brandon Roy did. Rookie of the year, three straight All Star appearances, playoff heroics (against the Mavs during their championship run) the next season, then Portland’s management relieved their ties to his maximum contract weeks afterwards. Public opinion of Brandon Roy’s ability to ball, free-fell when Portland went on to rebuild without the burden of his maximum contract. The Trailblazers should not be criticized for this, as no team can justify spending max money on a player whose minutes needed limiting. There is an astronomic difference between a franchise level player, and one who cannot crack an NBA team’s rotation. Roy knows damn well his level of play had not slipped that far, and at the very least; his return with Minnesota will provide himself peace of mind.

The whole world has been telling Roy he is too slow, and that if he continues to play, he won’t be able to walk in twenty years. Brandon is a grown man. As his fans, we need to respect his decision to return, and likewise when he decides to walk away from the game. Most great athletes draw inspiration from their naysayers. Do you blame him for trying to add a heroic NBA comeback on his resume after one year out of the league? Everyone in sports media has chimed in negatively on Roy’s knees in the past years. The tone in Roy banter has taken a 180 degree turn. Roy went from one of the most humble and loved characters in the NBA, to having nasty comments surface about him from every angle, saying he is washed up and selfish for making so much money. Brandon Roy needed to prove to himself that his knees could not withstand the rigors of an NBA game anymore. Roy knows his body better than anyone else, and he has been playing on repaired knees for over a decade. Trust Roy while he explores his own limitations on this basketball journey instead of being judgmental.

One thing we know as certain, is that the Brandon Roy knee saga will be an everlasting topic of conversation. Instead of pondering; what if? Cherish the great memories he did leave us with.

Seattle Basketball Players

Here is an evaluation of every Seattle Basketball player so far through one fourth of the new NBA season. Share your feedback in the comments as I’m sure the local fans will have strong opinions on these players.

Marvin Williams: This is Marvin William’s sixth year in the NBA at just 24 years old. After being drafted second out of North Carolina, he has not lived up to expectations. This season his numbers are at all time lows. He has experienced knee problems this year that have caused him to miss four games in early November. Although William’s may have disappointed some fans, he is certainly no slouch. He is still a super athletic, over sized, small forward who starts on the Atlanta Hawks. They are a team that is always playoff bound. Williams is averaging 29.3 minutes, 9.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 1.2 assists so far this season.

Jamal Crawford: After winning the sixth man award last year his averages are slightly down. This is nothing to be alarmed with and has more to do with cold shooting than any loss of athleticism in his tenth season. Jamal Crawford’s a consummate professional who has averages this season season of 30.3 minutes, 15 points, and 3.5 assists. All star Joe Johnson has been out the last few games with injury. Jamal Crawford has stepped into the starting lineup and his numbers have been crazy.

Jon Brockman: In his second season with as many teams, Jon Brockman’s minutes are down to 9 a game. Everyone knew that when Jon Brockman signed a four year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks it was to be a role player. This has not stopped Brockman from making two starts already this season. Jon is as steady as we all remember from UW and is providing the Bucks with some high level rebounding and defense.

Brian Scalabrine: Yes, he is from the Seattle-Tacoma Area. After a long career with the Celtics, Scalabrine signed with the Chicago Bulls this offseason. Brian Scalabrine was in the rotation at the beginning of the season when Carlos Boozer was injured. After getting decent minutes the first five games he has been relegated to a few scrap minutes off the bench here and there.

Luke Ridnour: Ridnour’s assists are down this season but this can be attributed to the low quality teammates surrounding him in Minnesota. Luke is having one of the best shooting seasons of his career. Luke Ridnour’s field goal percentage is at an all time high coming of 48%. His shooting numbers are up across the board with a shooting three’s at 47% and free throws at 92%. Luke Ridnour has started almost every game for the Minnesota Timberwolves and has displaced Jonny Flynn who is now in the D League.

Spencer Hawes: The Philadelphia 76er’s acquired Spencer Hawes this off season to solidify the front line of a young team in the process of rebuilding. Although Hawes has started every game this year, his production and minutes have taken a dip. Spencer Hawes is growing a reputation of being a soft big man in the NBA. His averages in 22 games this year are 6.4 points and 4.9 rebounds a game. Hopefully Spencer Hawes can improve and get more crunch time minutes in the future.

Terrence Williams: After a promising rookie campaign last season, the New Jersey Nets sent Terrence Williams to the D League for a stint. William’s averaged twenty minutes per game before the demotion. His last game in the NBA was at the beginning of November when he put up 7 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists against the Heat. It appears that Terrence Williams was sent to the D League for off the court reasons. Reports surfaced that he was late to multiple team meetings, practices, and shootarounds. As of December 7, Terrence Williams was recalled to the Nets after playing just three games with Springfield.

Jason Terry: This crafty veteran holds the largest role of any Seattle basketball player for the best team. The Dallas Mavericks have the third best record in the NBA at 18 and 4. Jason Terry is up to his old tricks averaging 16.1 points and 4.5 assists. Jason Terry along with Jamal Crawford are two of the best scoring players who come of the bench in the league.

Martell Webster: The Timberwolves have determined Martell Webster to be damaged goods after recieving him in a trade from Portland and they are not happy about it. Martell Webster has not recorded a minute so far this season and continues to struggle from back issues.

Nate Robinson: The Boston Celtics have the second best record in the league and they have have been able to tame the explosive Robinson. Nate has had a great season coming off the bench this season. Robinson is playing behind the all star Rondo so his minutes are quite limited. Recently Rajon Rondo has had some injury problems and Robinson stepped up. Nate Robinson’s best game this season was last week when he posted a 21 point, 6 assist, and 6 rebound game. Nate’s percentages are up from the past and he has been a productive member of the Celtics bench.

Avery Bradley: Playing along side Nate Robinson for the Celtics, Avery Bradley holds the position of third point guard. Bradley was held out of action the first month this season after ankle surgery. If Avery Bradley continues to develop, he is poised to take the back up position from Nate Robinson when his contract is over in two years. Avery Bradley is more advanced than Rajon Rondo was at such a young age and he has the talent to be a star in the NBA.

Brandon Roy: It is clear that Brandon Roy is not the same player he used to be. Both his knee’s have had several operations to the point where he has very little meniscus left. Brandon Roy’s averages are down across the board. It looks like Roy will miss the all star game for the first time in three years. Roy is still a productive player for the Portland Trailblazers. The same way Kobe Bryant could be one of the best point guards in the league if he lost all his athleticism. Roy’s game is so complete that he can score in the mid range and long game’s without punishing his knees. Brandon Roy is averaging 18 points with 3 rebounds and assists a game. Although his points have taken a dip, the most substantial drop are in the other numbers. Brandon Roy is averaging almost two rebounds and assists per game less than previously in his career. Roy still has the knack to completely take over the game at crucial points. This leads us to believe that he might return to his former status with some more time to recover from surgeries. This medical blog suggests that Brandon Roy’s to return from knee surgery after just eight days is unheard of. Hopefully his early return for the playoffs last year is not the reason for his decline in performance.

Rodney Stuckey: This is the third season with Rodney Stuckey anchoring the point guard position for the Detroit Pistons. His number have climbed every single year but this is overlooked by the poor team performance. Stuckey took over the point when Chauncey Billups was traded. The Pistons frachise has been tanking ever since. Detroit lacks offensive firepower so despite Stuckey’s inefficiency, nobody will tell him to stop scoring. Rodney Stuckey’s averages are 16.7 points, 5.2 assists, and 3.4 rebounds a game.

Aaron Brooks: The Houston Rockets have struggled this season and that has not been helped by their star point guard Aaron Brooks being out of the lineup. Brooks injured his ankle after five games this year and has been out ever since.

Quincy Pondexter: Even though Pondexter is not a homegrown Seattle basketball talent, I thought you would be interested in his progress. The New Orleans Hornets have started the season much better than anyone expected. They are a deep team and the first month of the season, Pondexter recorded more DNP’s than floor minutes. Quincy Pondexter has since earned a spot in their rotation . The last six games he has been very productive. In other news. It looks like Seattle is the leading candidate to land the Hornets franchise since they were sold to the league. It would be quite nice to have Quincy Pondexter suit it up in Seattle along side CP3.


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Final Note: After winning two championships with the Lakers, Adam Morrison has fallen out of the NBA. Morrison was waived by the Washington Wizards at the end of training camp.

Jason Terry’s Dunk is Play of the Preseason

In case you missed this play. Jason Terry steals a pass and then proceeds to stuff the ball in Keith Bogans face. Jason Terry is only 6’2″ and can still throw it down at the ripe age of 33.

This has easily been the play of the preseason thus far. It also serves as a reminder that the basketball season is right around the corner.

Tony Wroten Jr. Becomes the Huskies Most Highly Touted Recruit Ever

Tony Wroten Jr. verbally committed to the University of Washington during his press conference at Garfield High School yesterday. I decided not to make any posts prior to this monumental day in Husky history. My last post on Tony Wroten stirred a lot of controversy with reporters from Kentucky and Louisville. Now when you google Wroten’s name, articles claim he is cocky and immature. The sole evidence they provide is the post I made about Tony Wroten, and the confidence he has in himself. This could not be further from the truth so I decided to distance myself from the story as not to stir up any more drama in a kid’s life when he has to make a very important life decision.

Wroten Donned an all red outfit and pump faked to the Louisville hat before choosing a black University of Washington hat. Hopefully Pitino and the rest of Louisville nation were not insulted by the gesture. The four hats that Tony left on the table were Seattle U, Louisville, Villanova and UConn. It appeared from the beginning of the recruiting trail that Tony was either going to choose University of Kentucky or Washington. Wroten decided not to commit right away to Kentucky and in that time, four other highly touted recruits snapped the offers they had recieved. Wroten claims that he is actually committed unlike both Enes Kanter and Terrence Jones who both made verbal commitments to Washington but later reneged to Kentucky.

Tony wants to win right away and joining a good team was a major factor in his decision to come to University of Washington. Lorenzo Romar says that that Washington will be bringing in five new scholarship players including Wroten. The two other commits include Hikeem Stewart who plays with Wroten on Seattle Rotary, and Jernard Jerreau a 6’10” forward from New Orleans. Kevin Davis from Tacoma Community College has also committed but it is still unsure whether he has the grades to transfer this year or he will joining with the 2012 class. Davis is a potential one and done candidate to the NBA. The Huskies will likely fill out their last roster spots with either one or both of the highly rated forwards from California in Angelo Chol and Norvel Pelle.

Wroten will fit right into the starting lineup at Washington. Nate Robinson claimed on twitter that Tony Wroten is good enough to play in the NBA right now. This past summer Tony Wroten Jr. was named the MVP of the Seattle Pro-Am League over all the other current NBA players from the area. The Huskies will likely play with a three guard lineup which will fit perfectly with Wroten’s style of getting up and down the court by really pushing the ball. The lineup when Wroten comes in next year is largely dependant on the potential NBA departures of Isiah Thomas and Abdul Gaddy. Wroten will be able to guard the 1, 2, or 3 positions at a very high level. Wroten projects as a pure point guard at the next level. It will be fun to see the legacy Wroten leaves in Seattle. Hopefully Washington continues to get commits in the future from the states top talents like younger guys Anrio Adams, DJ Fenner, and Jashaun Agosto

Photo credit: Seattle Times – Ellen M. Banner

Phillip “The Gift” Heath was a Basketball Player at Rainer Beach

Phil Heath

Phillip “The Gift” Heath is a body builder from Seattle, Washington. He attended Rainer Beach High School where he was the starting point guard on the basketball team. As a senior in 1998, Heath helped lead Rainer Beach to a state championship win over Olympia High. In the championship game, Heath scored eight points while adding several clutch rebounds and assists. Two of Phil Heath’s notable teammates were Jamal Crawford and Will Conroy. Crawford was Rainer Beach’s best player and Conroy was just a freshman receiving minimal playing time. Conroy later transfered to Garfield.

After graduating high school, Phil Heath left play to play division one basketball at the University of Denver on a full scholarship. Phil played both the point guard and shooting guard positions in Denver. Heath was known for his speed getting up and down the court and also for his defense. Standing at just 5’10” Heath could easily dunk when he was younger but his offensive game relied heavily on the three ball.

Phil was always a very muscular basketball player. After graduating from college and while looking for the next thing to do, Heath realized his body was more impressive than his body building friends. It was at that time that he decided to dedicate himself to the sport of body building. Phil switched to a more rigorous workout regimen and began eating six or seven meals a day.

Heath enjoyed immediate success being named Mr. Colorado in 2003 after graduating just a year before. Phil has completely transformed his body as a professional body builder. After his basketball career at University of Denver, Phil stood at only 195 pounds. Now Phil Heath competes at 240 pounds and is one of the best heavyweight body builders in the world. 2008 was Phil’s first time competing in Mr. Olympia. Phil finished third and it was the first time since 1993 that a rookie finished in the top three.

In body building most competitors do not reach their physical prime until their thirties. Phil has been respected as one of the top body builders in the world ever since his mid to late twenties. Heath’s body is famous for the size of his muscles in comparison to his tiny joints. The ease in which he rose to the top of the body building game and his super low body fat percentage is the reason he was given the nickname, Phil “The Gift” Heath. Heath finished second this year in the 2010 Mr. Olympia competition. Phil Heath will surely be one of the best body builders in the world for years come.

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Here is part one from the state championship game. Phil Heath gets introduced at the one minute mark and knocks down the first three of the game. Check out Jamal Crawford’s haircut. The entire game can be found if you are interested.

Ranking Seattle’s Top Basketball Recruits

With school starting it’s about time to get out my rankings of the best high school basketball players in the Seattle Metro Area.  The top five is essentially the top five basketball recruits in the whole State of Washington but I thought I would keep the title more related to this Seattle Basketball Blog.  Although the top two in my rankings may not have produced like some of the other prospects at the high school level, their size and athleticism most easily projects to the NBA.

1. Tony Wroten, Senior, Garfield, 6’5”, G

Tony Wroten

Wroten will be gearing up for his senior season at Garfield High, the same alma mater as Brandon Roy.  Tony’s junior campaign never happened as he tore his ACL playing football.  A year later Wroten is back to terrorizing the competition.  It appears that he has made a full recovery.  Tony is back to traveling the national AAU circuit with Seattle Rotary. He also won a gold medal playing for Team USA in the U 17 world championships in Germany this summer.  Tony is a pass first point guard and with his size at the position he puts up Lebron James type numbers.  Tony Wroten is most seriously considering Washington and Kentucky.  His list remains wide open as Louisville and Villanova are two of the other front runners.  Read more here about Tony Wroten.

2. Anrio Adams, Junior, Franklin, 6’3”, G

Anrio Adams

Adams is an athletic freak that can score at will.  Just like Wroten he comes from a school heaped in tradition boasting Jason Terry, Aaron Brooks, Venoy Overton, and Peyton Siva as alumni.  He is the kind of athlete that projects to follow in their footsteps.  Anrio’s skills are well rounded but he thinks of himself firstly as a defensive player.  Adams will be able to play point guard or shooting guard at the college level.  His ballhandling and shot will need to improve but that is expected of everyone at such a young age.  Some of Adams notable college offers come from UW, UCLA, Syracuse, Louisvile, Kansas, and Gonzaga.

3. Gary Bell, Senior, Kentridge, 6’1”, G

Gary Bell

After a breakout junior season, Gary Bell was recruited heavily by all the Pac 10 schools.  They were spurned after only one visit to Gonzaga where he committed.  Gary Bell’s junior season averages were 22.6 points, 5.3 rebounds, 3.5 assists and he was named all-state first team.  His field goal percentage was only 46% so it will be interesting to see if Bell can score with any efficiency at the next level. The main criticism of Bell is his height as it pegs him as a point guard in college.  Gonzaga will be a great fit for Gary Bell to prosper under the tutelage of Mark Few.

4. Hikeem Stewart, Senior, Rainer Beach, 6’3”, G

Yes, this is the younger brother of Loderick and Roderick Stewart.  Hikeem has already committed to Washington as this time around all the brothers advised him to stay home after their underwhelming careers.  Being an undersized shooting guard, Stewart has really had to work hard to climb the recruiting charts.  Hikeem is ultra athletic and can really stroke the three.  He jumped at Lorenzo Romar’s offer from UW and is currently their only committed recruit.  Stewart had some real breakout performances with Friends of Hoop AAU in Vegas this summer.  Look for him to become one of the better players in the Pac 10 by the time he is done. I could not embed this video on SeattleBallers but click here to see a highlight reel of Hikeem Stewart balling at Rainer Beach.

5. Brett Kingma, Senior, Jackson, 6’1”, G

Brett Kingma

Brett Kingma has forced his way into this discussion as he single handedly lead his high school team to the state championship game last season which resulted in a loss.  Although Kingma is undersized, he has been able to score no matter the competition.  His older sister plays at UW and Brett has also been extended an offer.  Brett has several other offers and it is thought he might choose a school with more playing time to offer.  Kingma plays alongside Hikeem Stewart in an excellent back court for the Friends of Hoop AAU.  Brett is a sharpshooter whose scoring should definitely translate to the college level.

Honorable Mention: D.J. Fenner (moved to Maryland), Dustin Watts and Davonte Lacy.

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Tony Wroten is on Top of the Country Again

Tony Wroten Slaming

Tony Wroten Jr. has long been the crown jewel basketball recruit of Seattle.  Wroten was ranked as the best player in the country his freshman and sophomore years by most recruiting services.  This all changed before his Junior season when he tore his ACL playing defensive back on the football team at Garfield High.  His knee had almost completely recovered six months later when the basketball team made the state tournament.  But Wroten made the careful decision to not rush his knee back into basketball activities fearing any setbacks.  During his year long absence from the national AAU circuit with Seattle Rotary, his player ranking fell to as low as 26th in the nation by Rivals.

It is safe to say Tony Wroten is back and as dominant as ever on the national basketball scene.  He was chosen to the U 17 USA National Team in San Antonio and recently won a gold medal with them in Germany.  His knee is almost back to 100% but it appears he already has more bounce than before his injury, this is likely the product of his body continuing to grow and mature.  The game seems to slow down for the 6’5”, lightning fast, pass first, point guard.  Wroten looks to be taking form as the top recruit in the country again.  He has yet to decide where he will be attending college but his top two choices are Washington and Kentucky.  Wroten expressed his displeasure in John Calipari at the Fab 48 Vegas tournament on twitter. Noting that Calipari did not attend all his games like Lorenzo Romar had.  It was in this Vegas tournament that Wroten solidified himself as the best player in the country again.  He terrorized the competition and took over the scoring load for his team when they needed it.  If you are not already following Tony Wroten on Twitter, you should be. He makes a lot of brash statements, but in general his twitter provides quality entertainment. Wroten recently tweeted “#ToBeHonest. If I’m not top 5 in the country then there shouldn’t b any rankings. Not being cocky just telling y’all how I feel.” He seems to be cut from the same cloth as Seattle’s own Brandon Roy and Jamal Crawford who both mentor him.

Video of Tony Wroten with Seattle Rotary at the Vegas Fab 48:

Martell Webster’s Mother was Likely Killed by the Green River Killer

Of all the Seattle basketball players, Martell Webster should earn the most community respect and support. His mother, Cora McGuirk is thought to be one of the 70+ victims of Gary Leon Ridgway aka the Green River Killer. Martell was only four years old at the time she disappeared in 1990. The patterns of the killings show the Green River Killer started burying his victims in the late 80’s for two reasons; to avoid the temptation of necrophilia and trying to keep his profile low with the police. Cora’s murder falls into this time period and the likely reason her body was never found is that she was buried somewhere in King County. It was not until 2001 that the Green River Killer was caught by the DNA evidence of four women used against him. He will serve life behind bars although he never admitted to the murder of Cora McGuirk.

Martell Webster was raised from the time of his mothers death on by his grandmother. The first time he was contacted by his father came after he signed his first NBA contract as the 6th overall pick out of high school. The man who drafted Martell Webster was the great Seattle philanthropist, Paul Allen. Of all the children left alone after their Mothers were taken by the Green River Killer, it is safe to assume that Martell Webster is one of the few success stories. Martell is a perfect example of how it takes a village to raise a child. Martell received support from extended family, friends and coaches who all helped him on his path to stardom. It was very lonely for little Webster growing up with no parents and that is why he needs even more fan support. There should be plenty to cheer for as Martell Webster is embarking on his first season away from Portland after being traded to Minnesota where he should carve away a substantial role.

Seattle Basketball Phenom: Jashaun Agosto

Normally I would not post about a basketball player so young but this kid has youtube videos encroaching five million views. Jashaun Agosto is 12 years old and was born in Seattle, Washington. He may have the most internet fame of any Seattle basketball player. It is difficult to project a little guy who is not even close to being physically mature, but he is touted as the best basketball player in the country at his age. To quiet some of the haters and to prove his athleticism, Jashaun set a world record for his age group by running a 4:15 mile. Check these videos out for yourself.

Here is the original story on Komo News with 4.8 million views:

Here Isiah Thomas and Jamal Crawford take their turns with Jashaun 1 on 1:

Isiah Thomas looks tired like he just finished working out so Jashaun keeps blowing by him. It was good to see Jamal Crawford clowning the little kid but Jashaun still held his own by shooting over him. I would be more surprised if Jashaun falls out somewhere along the line than if he has a successful career whether that is just in college or professionally also. Let me know in the comments if you think Jashaun Agosto is going to be a bust or not.

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Brandon Roy’s Workout Plan

This is a series of seven workout videos where Brandon Roy demonstrates proper form for each exercise. Brandon Roy is trained by Travelle Gaines who also works out other prominent Seattle athletes like Marcus Trufant. These particular exercises designed for Roy can be used by anyone trying to increase their overall explosiveness.

Lateral Shuffle with Resistance Bands

Resistance Band Walking Lunge with Med Ball

Overhead Med Ball Toss

Dumbbell Squat to Press

Dumbbell Box Jumps

Split Squat Jumps

Dumbbell Clean Pull

These videos are all courtesy of Brandon Roy’s Official Site. The layout there makes it difficult to navigate back and forth between the videos which is why I linked them all here.

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